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Our Story

In 2013, a team of industry professionals joined together to form Reset Energy. The vision was to create a streamlined and independent plant design and fabrication company. The original team contained the expertise required to successfully design and fabricate equipment for the growing oil and natural gas industry. The company grew quickly by relying on existing industry relationships as well as servicing newer start-up midstream operators ready to grow their assets. These business relationships have established Reset Energy as the premier plant design and fabrication provider.

In 2014, Reset Energy purchased land to construct fabrication facilities specifically designed to efficiently produce plant equipment for the natural gas processing industry. After the facility was complete, Reset Energy had all the tools necessary to establish a reputation for robustly designed equipment delivered on-time and on-budget. Reset Energy has seen steady growth resulting from its solid management, safety-first mindset, consistent performance, and excellent quality.

In 2020 Reset Energy expanded to the Houston, Texas area with a new office focusing on emerging technologies. As part of this effort, Reset Energy has developed technology to assist our customers in areas of remote operations, carbon management, and hydrogen production.

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