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Carbon Capture

Reset Energy has executed dozens projects capturing carbon dioxide from process streams.  Utilizing proven amine absorption technology, carbon dioxide can be capture from flue gas or other waste streams for purification or sequestration.  



Amine technology has been used for decades to capture CO2 from industrial flue gas streams.  Amine absorbs the CO2 from the process stream through absorption.  Once the CO2 is capture, the amine solvent is regenerated releasing the purified CO2 stream for storage or further purification.  Reset Energy employs or extensive experience designing amine units to deliver a safe, reliable, and efficient product that maximizes value for our clients.  

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Carbon Dioxide Purification

Once the CO2 has been capture it often times requires purification or dehydration prior to storage or use as a feedstock in a process such as enhanced oil recovery (EOR).  Reset Energy can offer acid gas enrichment (AGE) equipment to remove contaminants from the CO2.  Additionally, we offer CO2 dehdration packages to remove water (reducing corrosion) and desulfurizing packages. 


Acid Gas Injection

Reset Energy offers acid gas injection equipment.  This equipment is designed to boost the pressure for CO2 or other acid gas streams to high enough pressures to be injected into a well for sequestration or EOR.  

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