Reset Energy Solutions delivers innovations in Gas Processing & Treatment, Energy Transition, and Sulfur Treating. We ensure efficient gas processing, reduced emissions, and optimized resource use. Explore our range of solutions to meet evolving energy needs.

Explore our expert solutions in Gas Processing & Treatment, Energy Transition, and Sulfur Treating.

Gas Processing & Treating

Energy Transition

Sulfur Treating

Reset Energy pioneers advanced gas processing and treating solutions, resolving intricate energy challenges with innovation. From purification to liquefaction, our tailored technologies ensure eco-friendly and efficient processes. Experience industry-leading reliability and performance as we redefine gas treatment standards. Explore our transformative solutions today.

Flexible designs that remove impurities such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas and petroleum products.

Tri-ethylene glycol (TEG) and molecular sieve units for gas processing and compression.

Innovative efficiency for sustainable hydrocarbon recovery and precise separation.

Single or dual column nitrogen rejection units (NRU) that separate and vent Nitrogen (N₂) to the atmosphere via cryogenic distillation.

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Reset Energy’s energy transition solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers, focusing on developing and implementing sustainable solutions that drive their energy transition initiatives. Our expertise ensures high performance and reliability by utilizing advanced technologies and methods to maximize energy output and operational efficiency.

CO2 pre- and post-combustion, dehydration, liquefaction, and fractionation technology that allows for operators to experience improved efficiency, versatility, and overall reduced environmental impact.

Comprehensive LNG Treating Systems, which include Mercury Removal Units, Nitrogen Removal Units, and Liquefaction Units, providing top-tier solutions for efficient liquefied natural gas production.

Cutting-edge Hydrogen Production technology designed to produce high-purity hydrogen efficiently and reliably, meeting the demands of modern industrial applications.

Reset Energy’s sulfur treating solutions are crucial for sulfur compound removal. Our sulfur treating technology includes Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs) that use the Modified Claus process, tailgas clean up units (TGCUs), and SO2 scrubbing systems, that focus on minimizing sulfur carry-over, enhancing heat transfer, and streamlining operations, surpassing industry standards.

Sulfur Recovery Units designed to efficiently extract and recover sulfur from gas streams, enhancing environmental compliance and operational efficiency.

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