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Oil & Gas

Reset Energy was formed due to an increased demand for sophisticated and safe processing equipment driven by shale gas production. We are deeply experienced in both oil and gas markets.

Reset Energy has built equipment for upstream, midstream, and downstream market segments. Our upstream offerings include CO2 (carbon dioxide) capture, wellhead separation modules, and oil stabilization units. Reset Energy also specializes in midstream equipment including gas sweetening or treating, dehydration, hydrocarbon recovery, nitrogen and helium recovery, fractionation, and stabilization. In the downstream market we have designed acid gas removal units (AGRs) for removing CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2S (hydrogen sulfide) from hydrogen, fuel gas, and LPG streams. Other downstream products include sulfur recovery units (SRUs), acid gas enrichment units (AGEs), caustic treating, and sour water stripper units (SRUs).

Our engineers work with our in-house mechanical design team to turn our bespoke designs into an efficient, modular package that ensures ease of installation and operation.

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