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Joe Wallender


Joe Wallender is a chemical engineer from Texas Tech University with 33 Years of experience in the oil & gas industry including his current role as chairman & founder of Reset Energy. From Reset Energy’s inception, Joe’s leadership in all areas of the business have been critical as he has combined his roles in plant process engineering, plant start-up and commissioning, recruiting, business development and executive management to establish the company as a top tier plant provider.

Prior to founding Reset Energy, Joe was Director of Business Development and Engineering at Kinder Morgan Treating, LP (formerly South-Tex Treaters) utilizing the different skill sets developed over his career.

Chris Villegas


Chris Villegas graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering in 1996. Over the past 25 years, he has held a variety of positions with upstream, midstream operating companies, an engineering design firm and a process equipment design and fabrication company. He has extensive experience with conceptual design, installation, and plant equipment operations in oil and gas.

Gaby Villegas


Gaby Villegas graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering in 1996. Over the past 25 years, she has held a variety of positions with an engineering design firm as well as a midstream operator.  She has extensive experience with conceptual design, project management, and plant equipment operations in oil and gas facilities.

Steve Scribner


Steve Scribner began his career in the oil and gas services industry in 1991. He is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University receiving a B.B.A. in Finance.

He has spent the last 30 years in the natural gas facilities business beginning with Hanover Compression in 1991 and joining Valerus Compression Services in 2004 as a founding partner eventually assuming the role of Director of Sales before departing in 2012.


Since then, Steve has experienced a wide array of commercial responsibilities in the oil & gas facilities equipment sales and rental businesses, assuming roles as VP of Business Development and VP of Marketing and Sales with several fabrication companies. In 2016 he joined Reset Energy as the VP of Business Development and has utilized his ability to network with and nurture both newly formed and longtime professional relationships to provide significant growth opportunities for the company. Steve is a member of the Permian Basin International Oil Show Board of Directors (PBIOS) as well as a member of the National Gas Processors Suppliers Association (GPSA) Board of Directors.

Ben Ciotti


Ben Ciotti graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from in 2013 where he focused his studies on green chemistry and carbon capture technologies. He has experience in process design and engineering, manufacturing, heat transfer, business development, and mechanical design.


After graduation, Ben worked as a Sales and Design Engineer for a company specializing in heat transfer and fluid flow. As many of his customers were in the midstream and downstream oil and gas sector, this allowed him to gain knowledge and experience preparing him to enter the natural gas processing and treating industry.

After joining Reset Energy in 2014, Ben worked as a process engineer and assisted with project management and customer proposals. As the company grew, Ben was promoted to lead Reset Energy’s engineering, supply chain, design, and quality groups. Ben’s current role is managing Reset Energy’s Technology and Product Development Group which focuses on developing new products and technologies for Reset Energy and guiding Reset’s path through the energy transition.

Austin Feltner


Austin Feltner graduated from the University of Texas at the Permian Basin in 2017 after spending several years working in manufacturing, plant process design and working as a plant start up specialist. At a young age he worked summers and weekends at Allied Equipment as a trainee. He eventually became the General Manager of Allied Equipment Company managing the on-site fabrication of gas plant equipment through the field deployment of the newly fabricated equipment.


He spent 9 years at Allied and then teamed with Chris Villegas and Mike Hardesty to form a new enterprise with Heroes Energy Solutions. Two years later, Austin joined Reset Energy as the VP of Manufacturing after Heroes was purchased by Reset Energy. In his career, Austin has spent a significant amount of time as a Welder, Pipefitter, Quality Control Manager, participant in technical process reviews and Plant Start-up Technician all enabling him to use these experiences to lead the Reset Energy manufacturing efforts.

Mike Hardesty


Mike Hardesty started his career with Warren Petroleum in 1984 and worked his way into an Operations Manager’s position with Targa Resources managing the West Texas and SE New Mexico regions. His job responsibilities ranged from Roustabout, Welder’s Helper, Compressor Mechanic, Plant Operator, Plant Manager and Operations Manager. Beyond his time with Targa Resources, Mike joined Heroes Energy Solutions as Vice President of Operations eventually joining Reset Energy in June of 2020.

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