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Hydrogen Generation

Reset Energy offer a proprietary, modular design for small-scale hydrogen production with minimal balance of plant consideration required.  Our offering utilizes steam methane reforming technology along with carbon capture technologies to produce a high purity blue hydrogen product.  Electrolysis technologies are also available through our partners to produce green hydrogen.  Through our partnership with American Hydrogen, Reset Energy can offer turnkey hydrogen generation facilities to our clients. 


A Fully Integrated Product

The HydroGEN modular hydrogen generation unit is a fully integrated product.  Upfront gas and water treatment equipment is included on the package to ensure equipment reliability and minimize additional equipment required for pre-treatment, product purification, and carbon capture.  Additionally, by integrating equipment typically outside a typical hydrogen generator's scope, the HydroGEN captures additional thermodynamic efficiencies to produce more hydrogen with less energy.


Robust & Proven Design

Reset Energy's HydroGEN technology is based on technology that has been proven in the industry for decades.  Combined with our extensive industrial operations experience, we have designed a product that with maximum reliability and trouble-free operation.  Critical equipment on the package is spared and we have integrated our machine-learning assisted remote operations platform to predict failure events before they cause unplanned downtime. 


World-Class Partners

Reset Energy has entered into memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with key suppliers and partners to provide hydrogen generation solutions. 

Through these partners we can offer a turnkey package including: 

  • Hydrogen Storage

  • Hydrogen Compression

  • Hydrogen Liquefaction

  • Truck Loading

  • Transport Trailers

  • Power Generation

  • CO2 Sequestration 

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