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Hydrogen Generation

Our suite of hydrogen technologies enables both blue and green hydrogen generation.

We offer a modular design for small-scale hydrogen production with minimal balance of plant consideration required.


For larger scale hydrogen production projects, we offer technology licenses and expertise support.


Blue Hydrogen Generation

Carbon capture technology is an important aspect of blue hydrogen generation, as it aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the process.


Reset uses Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) along with proprietary carbon capture technology to produce a high purity blue hydrogen product.


Green Hydrogen Generation

Reset leverages a robust partner network to offer electrolysis technologies for green hydrogen production, enabling hydrogen production without generating greenhouse gas emissions or relying on fossil fuels.


Reset also provides facility design around electrolyzer installation and has completed feed studies and designs for green hydrogen generation facilities.


Services & Solutions

Reset offers design services and modular solutions for hydrogen generation facilities. These include:

  • Hydrogen Storage

  • Hydrogen Compression

  • Hydrogen Liquefaction

  • Truck Loading

  • Transport Trailers

  • Power Generation

  • CO2 Sequestration

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