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Reset Energy Achieves Significant Business Milestones and Growth Targets

MIDLAND, TX --(April 11, 2023) – Reset Energy, LP, the leading provider of custom process technology and solutions for the Oil & Gas, Renewables, RNG, Power Generation, and Carbon Capture & Management markets, today announced record breaking growth for the company. Since implementing its market diversification strategy in 2020, Reset Energy has achieved several growth milestones, expanded both its product offering and teams, and solidified key, global partnerships within the industry.

“Three years ago, Reset set out to create a more sustainable business model through technology innovation driven by the core competencies of our employees,” said Chris Villegas, president of Reset Energy. “Our goal was to offer innovative solutions to help corporations bridge the gap in their energy transition initiatives that are the result of ESG and government policy. Implementing this transition has led to our expansion and growth in diversified markets, resulting in better opportunities for us going forward, while also positioning us as the leading technology provider of custom process solutions within the energy transition movement in the global marketplace.”

Market Expansion Has Driven Product Portfolio & Project Growth

A leading custom solutions provider to the midstream market since 2014, Reset Energy is now serving multiple markets in the energy industry: Oil & Gas, Conventional Power, Renewable Energy, and Energy Transition. Expansion into these markets has driven product innovation with the end-goal of solving customers’ most complex Energy Transition challenges and enabling them to meet their ESG goals and objectives. This portfolio of technologies include: Blue Hydrogen Generation packages to create ultra-high purity fuel grade hydrogen and Carbon Capture Packages for Amine-Based Carbon Capture, CO2 Purification & Dehydration for EOR, and CO2 Liquefaction & Fractionation. The company has also filed for multiple product patents for Energy Transition applications.

With recently completed projects leveraging their new technology, Reset has achieved both consistent year-over- year revenue and significant project milestones. These project milestones include:

  • Gas and Liquid Treating Units and Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) for a 20k BPD sustainable aviation fuel refinery,

  • Amine-Based Carbon Capture and Acid Gas Removal Units (AGRU) from natural gas stream,

  • 100k TPY of CO2 for enhanced carbon capture for reinjection,

  • Feed study for 2x 10 TPD of blue hydrogen generation for airport mobility, and

  • 65 TPD of blue hydrogen generation

    • 220k of carbon capture for permanent storage

    • Licensing of proprietary blue hydrogen tech.

Significant Growth Spurs Expansion

To support this growth, Reset has increased its headcount by 46% from 2020. In addition to J Anguiano, a 24-year industry veteran, who joined the company as Vice President of Emerging Technology; Kelley Larue, a 20-year engineering veteran, who joined as Vice President of Conventional Technology; and Denver Merryfield, a 20-year oil & gas and sales executive, who joined as Vice President of Business Development, recent hires also span key areas of marketing and engineering.

Reset has also expanded its global reach, adding strategic partnerships in Australia and Southeast Asia and the Middle East. These partnerships will support Reset by offering their technology and solutions in the Renewable Natural Gas, Hydrogen, and Power Generation markets.

Reset Energy continues its commitment to develop best-in-class modular-designed solutions that are of the highest quality standards, easily customizable, provide the lowest total cost of ownership, while helping customers achieve both their energy transition objectives and ESG excellence. Reset expects to expand further its market share within the global energy market in 2023 by developing strategic partnerships and an agent network and capitalizing on international opportunities.

About Reset Energy

Reset Energy designs and delivers custom process solutions for the Oil & Gas, Renewables, RNG, Power Generation, and Carbon Capture & Management markets. Reset technology helps over 100 global customers achieve their energy transition objectives and ESG excellence. The Reset team applies their skills in process design, mechanical design, drafting, logistics, I&E, construction, commissioning, and operations. We appeal to customers demanding high quality equipment with a constant focus on safety. Reset offers quick deliveries, price competitiveness, responsiveness, and a firm adherence to delivery commitments. For more information, please visit us at

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