Condensate Stabilizers

  • Condensate Stabilization Plant size range –

    • 500 BPD to 30,000 BPD Capacity

Gas condensates or natural gasolines are collected at field gathering points or at inlet separators of large natural gas processing plants and can yield marketable and valuable liquid hydrocarbon products if processed.

Condensate Stabilization Plants are designed to stabilize liquid hydrocarbons to a Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) of 9 psi, allowing the hydrocarbons to be stored in atmospheric tanks.  This process also uses multistage flash vaporization and distillation to create a Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) or Y-Grade product to be stored in pressurized vessels.

Reset Energy has extensive experience in providing Condensate Stabilization Plants and designs these facilities based upon the predicted volume of condensate and the purity of products specified by our customers.  An economic decision is typically made to determine whether a simple, Single Tower/Single Product System is adequate for the application or if a Two Tower/Dual Product design is more profitable relative to capital costs. 

Overhead Compression requirements will have a direct relationship to the capital costs when design decisions are made.  Our engineering staff will provide process simulations and capital cost proposals to assist in analyzing these alternatives. 

What separates Reset Energy Condensate Stabilization Systems from the competition is the complete packaging of nearly all equipment on-skid, significantly reducing field construction costs.

Typical plant design inlet capacities are as follows:

  • 2,000 BPD

  • 5,000 BPD

  • 10,000 BPD

  • 25,000 BPD

Condenate Stabilizaion Plant