Amine Treaters

  • Amine Treater Plant size range –

    • 25 gpm to 2,000 gpm - Gas or NGL Treaters

​Amine Treaters can be found in a remote field installation (to specifically extract CO2 or H2S prior to selling to a natural gas distribution pipeline) or positioned at the inlet of a centralized, cryogenics gas processing plant (preparing unprocessed natural gas for the extremely cold temperatures necessary to facilitate the recovery liquid ethane or propane). 

Our standard equipment is designed with the operator in mind by positioning instruments, valves, and service points in accessible locations with safety and efficiency being the driving factors.  We apply our design techniques to skid mount pumps, heat exchangers, filters and any other components that would be appropriately placed “on-skid” during plant fabrication. 

Economies of scale have driven us to focus on a range of 25 gpm to 2,000 gpm pump circulation rates with contact towers ranging from 30” to 108”in diameter and 60’ in length. 

The general layout of amine treating plants has become standard in the industry and with that, process simulation software is utilized by our engineering staff to size and design the components once we receive a request to treat a specific volume of natural gas.  Typically, we would need a representative gas analysis, inlet temperatures, inlet gas pressures and the gas specifications required after treating to begin the process of providing a proposal.

We work with numerous amine solvent suppliers to find the best fit for each application.  We can use MDEA, DGA, DEA, or a proprietary amine solution since each plant is custom designed for an application.  

Our team has extensive experience supplying gas treaters and NGL teaters (sometimes called liquid treaters).

1600 GPM Amine Regenarator