TEG Gas Dehydration

  • TEG Dehydration Plant size range –

    • 0.50 MMBtu/h. to 8 MMBtu/h or larger as required.

Reset Energy specializes in Triethylene Glycol Dehydration (TEG) Systems designed to be situated at the inlet of Cryogenics Plants or installed in other processing plant facilities.  In a cryogenic processing facility, the Molecular Sieve (Mol Sieve) System (normally included in a Cryogenics Plant package) provides the final drying of the rich gas to be processed.  This Mol Sieve System is prone to overloading by saturated gas from the field or off an upstream amine-treating unit.  The inlet TEG Dehydration System provides insurance that gas gathered from the field will enter the Mol Sieve Beds at 7 lb/MMSCF or less.


  • Components for the Plant TEG Dehydration System:

    • Regenerator (major component is a reboiler):

      • Reset Energy typically provides regenerators with heat duties that range from 0.50 MMBtu/h. to 8 MMBtu/h.  These regenerators are custom designed to meet customer gas specifications and can guarantee outlet water content as low as 2 lb/MMSCF

    • Contact / Absorber Towers:

      • TEG Contact Towers are typically designed for gas rates from 50 MMSCFD to 350 MMSCFD and are packed to provide the maximum contact efficiency.  Normally, Reset Energy designs contact towers with pressure ratings ranging from 500 psig to 1440 PSIG.  The general standards we adhere to ASME B31.3 for piping and ASME Section VIII for pressure vessels. 

TEG Regenerator
TEG Skid Package